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Create 4x Value with the Same Effort

The quality has a cost. Perfect solutions are not cheap, rather they are expensive. You can still create 4 times value with the same effort with  80 / 20 Pareto Principle when your customer is not perfectionist.

The Standish Group ranks the usage factor of features across the average enterprise software system. Their findings show that on average only 7 percent of an enterprise application features are “always” used, 13 percent of the features are “often” used, and 16 percent are used “occasionally.” That leaves 64 percent of the features in an average enterprise application as either “rarely” or “never” used.

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Skills of Project Management Professionals


If you are interested in project management or if you are project management professional, you might already have project management related skills in your LinkedIn profile. Well then, do you know what skills do others similar to you have added to their profiles?

I have concluded that PMP, Project Management & Software Project management are the top three skills added to LinkedIn profiles based on my study.

You can find out the top 20 skills and related data and comments in this report.

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Classic Mistakes at Daily Scrum Meetings

Classic Mistakes at Daily Scrum Meetings

dailyscrum_erdemseherler_comDaily Scrum is a Scrum Event which is time-boxed with 15 minutes, done at the same place and at the same time.

During the meeting each Scrum team member shares the answer of the three questions:

  1. What has been accomplished since the last meeting?
  2. What will be done before the next meeting?
  3. What obstacles are on the way?

(For more details about daily scrum please refer to scrum guide at )

In this blog entry, I want to share my previous experiences which I perceive as classic mistakes at Daily Scrums.

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