• “Erdem is a well-equipped manager who always finds the balance between discipline and flexibility.”  – Akın Kaldıroğlu (Project Manager at Treda)


  • “Erdem is one of the best organized professionals around who does his job above the line. He is not only an expert, he is also creative, trustworthy and good at communication with customers. We really appreciate him.” – Tevfik Bülent Öngün (Project Manager at Mudo)


  • “Erdem is aware of his responsibilities that are directly told, implied anyway or concluded from current situations. He is intelligient, honest, self motivated moreover he is hard worker and a good architecht. Therefo naturally he is very well managing teams even big ones. ” – Tamer Gülce (CEO at Treda)


  • “Erdem has great management and convincing skills that made anything possible for almost any software team member. Besides he has good working and communicating skills with team members, he is also good at making the business “work”. It was a great pleasure to work with him.” – Tolga Mırmırık ( Software Specialist at Treda)


  • “Talented project manager” – Taner Kılıç (Program Manager at Treda)


  • “I enjoyed a lot working on Programlama.com project with him. He is full of new ideas and new techniques both programming and marketing all the time. I think 300.000 registered Programlama.com users is the best recommendation to our work with Erdem.” – Murat Zaralı ( Co-founder & Co-Owner of Programlama.com)


  • “Erdem has great planning abilities with strong focus. Also he has leadership skills and inspires his team”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity – Burak Gündüz (Alternative Distribution Channels Manager at Zurich Sigorta)